C4 Roofing Saskatoon
C4 Roofing Saskatoon
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C4 Roofing Saskatoon

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Jordan Marcoux
Phone: (306) 955-3600
Email: info@c4roof.com

Welcome to C4 Roofing & Contracting

C4 Roofing is dedicated to serving Saskatoon and area. During the warmer months we specialize in the re-roofing of residential properties. It is our pleasure to provide homeowners with top quality workmanship and friendly service. In our unique climate a properly installed and sealed roof is very important; your shingles must withstand everything from heavy rains, extreme winter conditions and high winds.
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"The first thing that struck me about dealing with C4 (then IOF Roofing), was the constant communication from the company - before, during, and after the process. I had found that most other contractors I had contacted were either unable or unwilling to be available by phone or email at anytime - not so with these guys. I was having severe roof leakage over the winter, and was frustrated that other companies would say they would show up and never did. Meeting with Jordan the first time put my mind at ease that I was dealing with someone who was professional and cared about the customer's needs. I wanted to deal with someone who acted like he wanted to earn my business, and that's the impression I got right away.

When it came time to do the job, I was impressed with the crew and how they handled themselves on the job. The site was kept clean, and the work didn't take any longer than it had to. They were available to answer questions along the way, and took pride in their work. Overall, I was happy enough with the work that we used them for another home that same summer. I have recommended C4 to others and will continue to do so in the future."

- Kevin Meldrum
"C4 Roofing was amazing! Our situation was a bit of an emergency and they provided very fast, very efficient work. Their promised timeline was met, the quality of their product was excellent and the costs were reasonable. Two thumbs up recommendation should roofing be on your to do list!"

- Rob & Lyssa